I am really interested in podcasting, since I found listening still works most closely with how language is functioning. Once visual media, such as TV, movies, videos, etc. were more easily available, they immediately becomes people’s favorite because seeing visual images is easier and quicker to connect to the real world so people need less processing with the abstract language (through reading, listening). However, for me, that period of processing is the beauty of language, from processing the abstract signs into solid meaning to creating images in mind accordingly. This takes time, but this delay also gives us longer enjoyment.

Some people who prefer lazy, or easy life, are unwilling to work when they need entertainment, so are less possible to read books and listen to radio. Some people like me still refuse to put down paper books or ebooks, or like or need to listen to the audiobooks.

This is also the reason I like and start podcasting. I feel this article might be a good start for me, and you, too.