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About Me


I am not a good writer, but a deeper thinker. However, my thoughts need echoing to others through expressions. So I am here.

A person with a sensitive heart sometimes is painful, but a sensitive heart corresponded with a sharp mind makes it even worse.

Fortunately, I have an active and positive attitude toward life, that is, my firm belief in love among mankind, as pure as white snow and as hot as red fire, which keeps all people with no difference stay strong in this world on the bright side and away from pessimism and sentimentalism.

These feelings and retrospect used to be reserved to myself, but now I’d like to share with all of you, hoping that they may ring a tone in your hearts, too.


4 thoughts on “About Me

    1. hello, redlove, i am from taiwan. and I am very curious about whther the 姜尚德 that you mentioned in your blog is the one that I knew decades ago in Kansas. He was from Yan-bian University. And I called him Lao jiang. If this name turns out to be the name of my old friend, please let me get in touch with him.

      by the way, I read your reflections on your identity as layers of skin. it is very touching!


      趙剛 from Taiwan

      1. Yes, I think you are right to have found your old friend, since I was from that university, too.

        I will mention you to Mr Jiang if I get a chance. But nice to get to know you and glad you agree with some of my opinions. Hope we will have more contact later twoo. Welcome on board!

      2. 赵刚,我就是老姜啊!我一直惦记着你和刘宣。你还好吧?

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