A World without Gaps

A platform for diversity in themes, channels, and more…

Global Communication Competence

Podcast Series on Chinese and Chinese Culture

This podcast series is for people who are interested in China and would like to know something basic about Chinese as language and Chinese as people. Episode 1: Image Episode 2: Imagine Episode 3: Imagination Related Podcast: Colors in Chinese Idioms

Life is Made of Poetry

Jorge Luis Borges’ 1967-8 Norton lectures on poetry https://www.oercommons.org/courses/jorge-luis-borges-1967-8-norton-lectures-on-poetry-and-everything-else-literary/view Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986), Argentine poet, essayist and short-story writer. Although better known for his prose, Borges began his writing career as a poet and was known primarily for his poetry in Latin America particularly. This lecture series was given at Harvard University in the fall…

About CGCC

Center of Global Communication Competence is a place for anyone who is interested in world communication to understand what is Global Competence and why it is important for Global Communication. And for anyone who intends to devote to this career, this site also leads you to the available resources and certification process and assessment.

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