This date always brings me back to my student’s life. That year I was 17, freshman in university. Too fresh.

Now whenever I see young students full of patriotism, I am always more eager to ask “who takes care of our patriotic students?”

Young People usually care less about the loads of life than his ambition to bring a new world. Their lives are for their country, their people. This ambition boils their blood and explodes in any critical moments.

However, this ambitious patriotism sometimes, if not always, brings them more troubles, and hurts, both physically and spiritually, since it is always taken use of by either the government or the anti-government party. Both the parties realize the strong power of young people’s patriotism, and, therefore, this pure patriotism ends up with an unexpected result, leaving permanent hurts in their hearts.

The students are cursed, arrested, prisoned, even exiled, or dead. They were weeping with wounds, not because of pains, but because they were wronged and they were unable to explain about their purity. Actually, no one doubts about it, but no one gives them any protection.

Neither of the two parties care about their pains, since new young generation is always booming.

The only thing they can do after weeping is grow up and forget, or be forgotten. However, the pain comes back whenever the history tells a different story from their own one.

Never want to be young any more.