These days many architects’ creative projects were sprouting out in China. No matter what the architects’ original ideas were, they were renamed and interpreted in different ways.

Herzog & de Meuron’s National Stadium is “Bird’s Nest” and Rem Koolhaas’s CCTV Tower is “Twisted Donut”.

Another book called “Big Bang Beijing” by Hiromasa Shirai (白井宏昌) and Andre Schmidt (2007 by Kajima Institute Publishing 鹿岛出版会), is questioning that the demolition and renovation of Beijing is a conflict of Chineseness vs Chineseless.

The memory of Beijing is fading along with the demolishing of old and replacing with new, the newest design of modernism in the world. However, many Chinese architects are asking, what is lost into the hole of that twisted donut? just as that famous ad, “Where is the beef?” in hamburger.

When Chinese people become more and more eager to show to the world how much China is developed, what they actually display in front of world people is just another big city, which people have already been too much familiar with and felt nothing special.

If Beijing becomes a city without memory, what will it differ from others?

Recently a new book about China’s creative destruction in urbanization is published, named “The Concrete Dragon”. I recommend you to read it.