Mum loves beaches, so I’ve got chance to go to many beaches around New York which I have never been to until now.

Staten Island Long Beach

Next week mum is leaving USA. I always feel regretful that I didn’t take her to many places I planned for her.

What relieves me a little is her amazement at the ocean beaches, e.g. Jones Beach, Fire Island, Long Beach, etc. Having been to more sea beaches, she likes more to be so close to ocean beaches, esp. the Atlantic Ocean, not the Pacific where we are from.

Besides the Central Park, which is my first love to New York, beaches should be the next. I only went to some beaches nearby which subways could take me, but now I am glad that I started to drive and expanded my scope of traveling to more and better beaches.

Summer in New York will be always restless, but I began to dread at my mum’s departure, which will send me back to my solitary life as before.