Mum left today, and I saw her off at JFK airport. What will surprise you, and of course, me already, is I didn’t cry, which shocked me so much.

Can you believe it?

Before her departure, I could hardly imagine what a scene would be at the airport, and my friends also teased at me that I would cry my eyes out, or I would hardly see anything the next day with the swollen eyes.

It might be due to the wheelchair guy who took mum away at such a sudden that we even didn’t realize the departing time had come. Or it was because of my friend beside me, who distracted me from that emotion.

Actually I am more concerned about whether my heart is getting tougher with my aging, or whether, being away from family for too long time, I am losing that sentimental attachment to family tie?

I used to be shedding tears at the mere mention of my mum five years ago, and I was crying so hard outside my mum’s hospital cell when she was hit at the car accident ten years ago.

Now I don’t cry as much as I used to, even on some occasions when I thought I should have.

I don’t know whether it’s good or bad, but I am just a little confused how it happened.