Watch a video with me, “Experience Your Yosemite”.

It’s said, “in this wonderland, nature has been reduced to elemental, rock, ice, sky and water, this is Yosemite and it’s most basic. And visit here offers you the change of solitude and inspiration, as well as excitement and adventure.”

Anyone who wants to share your story at Yosemite and give me some travel tips?

I promised to myself that I would go to every natural scenery in wherever I go. Though I am always overwhelmed by the human creation and civilization, I am more intoxicated by the natural powers, in front of which we human beings are so small and every win and loss becomes trivial and meaningless.

Look at that hiker standing on the edge of Taft Point over Yosemite Valley and El Capitan. That’s you or me, or what we human beings look like in nature.

taftpoint-Yosemite Valley