meditation YogaNever know that I can have such a peaceful life. In a peaceful neighborhood. Enjoying peaceful beach, park, tennis court, and yoga.

I started Yoga, more for pain than for fun.

I started playing tennis, for fun.

I started a life of a retired man, peace both inside and outside.

I don’t know for how long I will enjoy it, but at least for now simple is the best.

School, home, home, school. Cooking, eating, reading, writing. That’s all I do at home.

I am getting closer to my birthday, again. It might be another peaceful time I spend alone, or with Ellen, this time.

I find to love or to hate, to forgive or to revenge, are all too difficult. Resuming to peace, doing nothing, and letting time flow are the easiest way.

Therefore, I choose peaceful life. Leave me to myself.