I don’t know why everything seems to go astray these days, and today is another such a day.

In the morning, I got a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign. I was running late for school, because the friend of my roommate who was supposed to ask me to send her to the bus station made all of us late. I was really irritated. I droved really fast and then was stopped by a policeman.

Later in the afternoon when I heard from some of my Russian students that their friends had very serious car accident and they were in the hospital in very very bad conditions, I realized that how lucky it was for me to just get a ticket this morning, otherwise, I might really make some kind of accident happen.

However, it didn’t make today a little easy to go, becaues when I came back to my car to drive home, I met another car accident on the road and when I was detoured to another road and needed GPS to find my way home, I found that my GPS was stolen. The thief was so professional that he didn’t even forget to take the wire away with GPS.

Today what really makes me gloomy actually is not at all this bad luck. Actually as someone in “Crash” said,
“I am always angry and I don’t know why.”

However, I know what is the source of my anger, but I just don’t know what I should do to it.

What I know is I should have a new start, but I just cannot let bygone be bygone. I am angry about myself.