Yes, it finally came. The real first snow.

It was impossible to pull my car out of the snow, as you see.

So I put on my high boots, and walked toward the railway station.

It was amazing that LLRR was working well, and my train came on time (2:20pm)and sent me to Manhattan with only 20 minutes delay.

We went into Macy’s at Herald Square, but were driven out immediately by fire alarm and a heavy smoke smell. Still I got a picture with all Christmas decoration inside Macy’s, all in holiday color, red.

I took 9:25pm train back and walked about 30 mins. in snow around 11:00pm to get home.

Alone and a little scared, with a lot of tears and a broken heart.

Remember my promise with the first snow?

Yes, I did what I promised, and got what I expected, disappointment.