I finished reading Jeffray Eugenides’s Marriage Plot, an interesting book with a lot of real life experiences in American family life, a book I finished in 3 days.

I like the way the author tells the story from different perspectives intertwined. It makes you understand how different people (esp. different genders) have different understanding, focus or ways of thinking on the same thing or and it also explains why and how a certain situation is elaborated because of the different backgrounds of the characters in one scene. This is a brilliant technique to help people understand how each person has their individuality in a life mingled with others.

Though sometimes the same story was told for several times (at least two times, since each scene always involves at least two main characters), each time it is a fresh view of the same scene, so you don’t feel bored or feel anything is redundant.

Very interesting and impressive technique of plot development.

This book is different from his Middlesex, with which he won Pulitzer Prize. This book was written in 2011. Eugenides’ other books are The Virgin Suicides, My Mistress’s Sparrow is Dead (editor).

Some of the comments on the book is same as my view,

“Eugenides steers effortlessly through the intertwining tales of his three protagnist…” (Associated Press)

“Eugenides has mastered the pattering through which the finest novels build their power, repeating ideas and themes with nuanced variations until every detail seems to reinforce the logic of the whole … No one combines Eugenides’s broadness of imagination with his technical mastery of the novel form.” (The New Republic)