A very attention-grabbing show with two characters leading a complicated romantic relationship to a fruitful result.
At 2ST, 2econd Stage Theater, 305 West 43rd Street (8th Ave. and 43rd St. Manhattan), with Thomas Sadoski and Amamda Serfried (“High School Musical).
With only two characters in a living room, they led a breathtaking plot to the climax. Waking up in the morning, Doug (Thomas Sadoski) was totally shocked at the fact that he spend a crazy night with Beth, who he knew and liked at the first sight from 7th grade, but has avoided meeting each other for the previous two years. When Beth wakes up and meets him at the living room, both of them starts a conversation filled with a lot of caution and over-explanation. Obviously both love each other but have never exposed it to the other for some reason. It turns out that they are supposedly brother and sister because of Doug’s dad and Beth’s mom’s affairs and marriage.
The awkward situation hindered them from developing any relationship further and decided to stay away from each other. However, a coincident re-meeting at the family’s church gathering brought them back to the truth that they both couldn’t go into any relationship with others because of their attraction to each other.

By seeking for the reassurance of love to each other and the determination of fight for this love together, they finally find their happiness in each other’s arms which will support them to win against any objection from people around.

The development of plot is well designed in the conversations and the performance of both characters are real-to-life, which makes the 80 minutes feel like exactly the real life experience.

Everyone in the audience can find some connection to their life through their conversations and the emotional moments. Funny and tearful.

10 claps to Thomas and Amanda.