What is ironic is, my doctoral dissertation is about deviation, and now I am asking, what is normal?

Until today I have been intentionally or unintentionally following so closely whatever is considered as traditional norms, and use norms to expect others beside me, which often irritates or disappoints me rather than pleasing me.

Unexpectedly, when I am thinking that I am normal, what I heard from others is “she used to be normal”. Trying to be normal actually is abnormal?

I have to think now,  what is norm?

It usually takes more to deviate the norms, more courage to break others’ expectation, more creativity to be different, etc.

However, if to be inconsiderate or careless to others, stop pleasing others by sacrificing own benefits, ask for or take more without giving back much are becoming more normal, is it harder to do?

Just to be a little fair to myself, isn’t it the time for me to follow these norms, too?

However, I’d rather deviate these so-called “norms” and stay as abnormal.