How often people need to be involved with content, participation and revisiting the information during a workshop?

Research and theories on adult learning related to brain-based learning, multiple intelligences and emotional intelligences corroborate this.

“Bob Pike put out his 90/20/8 rule of instructional design says we can teach content for 90 minutes without a break; however, content needs to be chunked in 20-minute sections, and we need interaction every 8 minutes.

For adults, the break to allow for consolidation of the new information should be provided every 20 minutes, i.e., material should be chunked into 20-minute segments, for effective learner attention. Furthermore, this should be followed by 10 minutes of processing time and 10 minutes reinforcement, elaboration and summary. Tony Buzan, in his book Use Both Sides of Your Brain, also asserts that a learning period of between 20 to 50 minutes produces the best relationship between learning and recall.”

(from The Bob Pike Group,