These days, job cut becomes everyone’s nightmare. With the big headlines, the news like “22,000 New Yorker who work on Wall Street have lost their jobs”, etc., began to haunting the employees nights and days.

And Jonathan Jones, president of Manhattan recruiting firm Jones Search Group frightens people further by saying “I’m afraid we’re not even halfway through the wave of layoffs.”. The following data show that these best-paid workforce were attacked and sent to the pavement. What will the others do?

The company in which I was doing my internship, laid off more than 30 people on Friday, June 13, 2008. I don’t know whether the date was chosen by chance or intentionally. To those guys, that was defintely a black Friday + 13. I heard that they even didn’t give any early notice. They were sent out right on the same day. And that company is also located on Wall Street.

I was sad to have no chance to even say Goodbye to them (That day I was still on my trip to Yellowstone), while all the others guys, especially junior employees, were really upset, since no one could predict when it would be themselves.

The recession of the economy of USA is no longer just the economists’ prediction and no need for any further confirmation, when every single member of the society can feel its impact and the shadow of worries began to appear in their faces.

If oil price is said to be the scale to measure the economy of the USA, then the ebb and flow of the job market clearly tells people’s confidence in the government, society, and their own life.

It is said to be “not even halfway”. What do we have to expect, encounter and endure, as an individual?