I remember a sentence in a song is “sad movies always make me cry”, to me, what always make me cry is love story.

Watching “P. S. I love you. (2007)” I was crying from the beginning to the end. What touched me most is the pain of the one who lost the beloved one, for one reason or another. Love is always interwoven with fights, forgiveness, suspicion, repeated confirmation, etc. which deepens true love, but separates fake couples.

When you have such kind of love, which doesn’t certainly happen to everyone, you are the luckiest but also the poorest species, because your pain will be much greater when you lose this beloved one than others who are unfornate enough to miss true love but fortunate enough to be able to go through the pain in an easier way.

I was less impressed by the letters and gifts schemed by Gerry (Gerard Butler) than the pain whenever Holly (Hilary Swank) felt at receiving each of them. When you intend to forget somebody, you remember more clearly. It might be easily gone when you just give up the attempts to forget.

The pain made me cry, partly because love was so great, but more because of that reluctance of letting-it-go. It was just impossible to let it go. With thousands of good reasons to let it go, there is only one reason to keep you stick to it. You just can’t.

Life is more beautiful with love, but it’s also more bitter because of love, since no love is eternal and the one left behind or the one trying to forget falls from heaven to hell. It hurts too much.