I hate horrible movies, besides those bloody and violent scenes, one of the most disgusting things appearing in those movies are bugs.

In the movies, when you see the tiny bugs have swollen into huge monsters, it will definitely throw you up. When the troops of bugs are crawling over people and those people are gone nowhere, it horrifies everybody.

These days I was visited by these bugs. A horrible movie.

I have never seen them, and they were crawling madly everywhere on my bed, in my hair, over my body, in my brain. I am haunted. What I can see are just the stings they left on my legs, arms, feet, ankles.

They drive me crazy. That’s why if you see a crazy woman throwing every single stuff out of her room, that must be me. Don’t be horrified, and don’t take home anything she throws out, no matter how precious or expensive they look like. Otherwise, you will be haunted, too.

They are bugs in America, and who do you think can conquer the bugs in America? Even the high heat in oven, or the freezing cold in Antarctic, have already thrown the white towel into the ring. You? no way.