I still remember the days when I was still young and had never fallen in love, I was so cynical at those drama stories in TV series or movies about those people in love. I was always pissed off by their silly behaviors. Instead of blaming their insaneness by doing one after another things wrong, I laughed at the directors or the producers to make such kind of annoyingly naive products.

All of you might have seen a few of these movies or TV series, in which a man, or a woman, was madly in love, and he/she would do all kinds of insane things for the beloved one, and even when he/she found out to have been deceived by the other, he/she still couldn’t cease love so was cheated and hurt again and again.

I was laughing at the blindness of that silly person, but I was more accusing of this kind of silly dramas. I claimed that anyone who still kept at least a little mind or reasoning would never love so blindly and unconditionally. Actually, even until very recently, I still believed so.

However, little by little after witnessing and experiencing more and more real stories, I felt I could hardly keep this stance any more. Drama, though fictitious as they usually self-explained at the very beginning, can never come from nowhere. It must be stemmed from some part of real life, if not yours, then definitely someone’s. And I came to understand why the person in love would do those silly things for the other, no matter how wicked that person is. Love can turn one into anything and spur one to do anything, silly or wise, uncontrollably. Though he/she would rather kill themselves after realizing it, later on, he/she would repeat it again, and again, and again.

That’s love. No one can explain where it explodes from and how it can control one so powerfully. And whether it makes you laugh or cry, you are still one of rare lucky dogs if you can experience it even once.

Actually, I wouldn’t like that kind of me who is in love and lose control over myself to do one after another silly things. That is really not me. Me without brain is not me. Me following only heart not mind is not me. Me in love is not me.

Let me be me.