I never believed in any superstition before. But now, I change my mind.

It might sound ridiculous that a scholar chooses to believe in superstition. However, if a scientist like Einstein chose to change from an atheist to a theist, there must be something.

Chinese people always have too many superstitious ideas, whose power becomes so strong that Chinese Fengshui has entered the realm of business in Las Vegas, where the architects have to consider very seriously how to design each casino according to the theories of Fengshui. And today I even found two books on Fengshui in the library of my architectural company, displaying along with all the other books on architecture, a combination of science and art.

Though I am still not sure about the connection between the position of the gate of a building and the prosperity of its business, the superstitious ideas which I begin to believe are as follows,

One, the coming of your animal year brings you bad luck. To Chinese, the symbolic animal of the year you were born will decide so much about your fortune. Therefore, people believe whether you were born in a boar year or a rat year will be significantly different. That’s why people gave birth to several times more babies in the boar year. I was born in a boar year and it did make my life until now smoother than it should be. However, when I am in a boar year, it brings me less good luck than bad luck. Now based on my experience, I have to admit that it is true. However hard I try to avoid any bad luck, it just befell on me. So many things just went wrong or didn’t work, no way to fight back.

The second superstition I came to believe is whatever you do in your life, good or bad, it will be paid back to your children. Therefore, if you want your children to have a good life, you have to do all kinds of good things to accumulate morals for your children. In western doctrines, if you do bad, you will be punished and sent to the hell; but in eastern doctrines, if you do bad, not only you will be sent to the hell, your children will bear the impact of your bad behavior and endure extreme hard lives. I may do everything as I like, without any sense of guilt, since I don’t care whether I will go to the hell or heaven after my death. However, if the effect will be extended to my offspring, I have to be more responsible.

The third superstition is pray for good wishes. When a bad result is imminent or just happened, pray sincerely for other things to be good. And they definitely will be. Even if the situation isn’t changed, your belief that at least others will be better will bring tranquility to your heart. I saw both Chinese and American gymnasts in this 29th Olympics are praying before each game, though they might be in totally different religions. Despite the great difference of religions, one common feature is all of them pray. I don’t know who is praying for a right president for the United States.

Whether you agree or not, now I am superstitious. I don’t think there will be a wizard or a savor to us, but I will accept anything bad as my destiny, and pray hard for a better change. And I believe it works.

When I write here, I realize what a coincidence it is that I write an article about superstition on a western superstitious date of 13. Is it superstitious?