One of the today’s headline news of the New York Times is:

“A generation away, minorities may become the majority of US. According to new Census Bureau projection, by 2042, ethnic and racial minorities will comprise a majority of the nation’s population. Americans who identify themselves as Hispanic, black, Asian American, Indian Native, Hawaiian and Pacific Islander will outnumber non-Hispanic white.”

It might sound scary to some people, if opposite to others. Some people cannot help wondering, “when minorities become majority, what will they do? Will they take revenge or will they embrace the minority, which they have been fighting for so long time but just couldn’t get it?

Actually, the problem is not what they will do, but why to categorize people into minority or majority from the very beginning? If we are created equal, why does my background from a major group of population put me into an advantageous position? The strategy of categorization is really more for sciences than for human society.

This minority issue can be extended to much more fields, like gender, class, age group, etc.

I wish everyone has an X-ray eye to see through my clothes (elegant or shabby), through my skin (whatever color it is), through my flesh (tender or muscular), and catch all the intangible features inside, my intelligence, personality, talent, eloquence, affection. Then get to the judgment, what is me? and decide, love me or not.

The world will never change, if it is still keen to categorize and closely attend to who is minority and who is majority. Needless to say, in such a world, if the minorities become majority, they will act as majority and do what the majority used to do.

Do you know why a babbling baby smiles to everyone? Because in her eyes, people are all same.