These days I saw a blog called Kimchi Mamas (

It’s a blog contributed by a group of Korean-Americans who have become Mama or would be mamas soon. They are either Korea-born/America-grownup, or half KA, or second or third generation of KA. They blog about Korean food, parenting, childbearing, life’s ups and downs, culture and identity. An interesting blog with a group of energetic KA mamas.

Chinese-American are CA, and we often call American-born-Chinese as ABC. Then we have KCA, Korean-Chinese-American. A lot more confusing than KA, CA and ABC. KCA are Koreans who were born in China but now live in America. 

Life woven with so many cultures is not as simple as what this three-letter acronym can cover. If we want to set up a blog, as these Kimchi Mamas did, to talk about our life as KCA, what should we call it? 

“We even have no our own song.” This is a sentence from “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. For me, I should say, we even have no our own symbol, as “Kimchi” for these KA mamas.   

We eat Kimchi, but we are not KA; we eat dumpling, but we are not CA; we drink milk tea, but we are not ABC; we have all of them, so we are KCA.