October 5, today is my birthday. I had the first birthday by myself only. And I said to myself, “Happy birthday, dear Redlove!”

Pig-shape birthday cake
Pig-shape birthday cake

This birthday I have been waiting for so long time, just because of a superstitious idea that after this day, all the misfortune will be over. Though I am dreadful that I am one year older again, I am still too happy that it’s the start of a new year.

Actually life won’t change in one day, so today is just another tomorrow and will be another yesterday. Life after today won’t be much brighter than life before. Still, I am convincing myself that there will be a big change.

As the first birthday I spend by myself, it is a very big difference.

For no reason, I want to leave this day to myself. I prepared three kinds of birthday food for myself. One is Northern Chinese style, dumplings; one is Southern Chinese style, noodles; one is Korean Style, seaweed soup. Having eaten all of them, I feel I am equipped strong enough to face with anything now.