Here is the link to the text of Obama’s Victory Speech.


To be honest, I am a person who considers politics as a filthy stuff. However, I was amazed to notice that I was crying over the whole victory speech delivered by Obama.

Obama’s victory is so meaningful to each individual in the sense that America is a country with equal opportunities to each of us, and as long as we are industrious and enthusiatic, we can make our dream.

So many black people were also watching it with tears in eyes, claiming that they didn’t expect that they could witness this within their lifetime. Obama describes America as a country with individual liberty and national unity. This presidential campaign definitely proved it and I feel glad about it for America.

One of my friends told me that he was not gonna vote, since he didn’t like either of them. I felt sorry that people gave up their rights of voting, but I was more disappointed at the absense of people’s sense of national unity and responsibility. A country with people like this will have no hope. If people with voting rights don’t fulfil their responsibility to bring changes to the country, what we, people who came for better life but got nothing and could not have our voices heard, can count on?

Now, with a black president, it seems we can dream for anything. American, a country with opportunities for anyone, convinces us to aim high.