Happy FeetAbortion was never considered as a terrible issue when I was in China. I thought it’s a matter of fact, since we either couldn’t or should’t have that baby. If we couldn’t have that baby because of our economic condition or physical condition or psychological condition, then we are not ready to be parent and we should have abortion to be responsible to baby and to each other.

Such a matter of fact now becomes a matter of confusion to me.

Condition doesn’t allow? We are not ready?

Who decides when condition will allow? Who decides whether we are ready or not?   

When the fetus is torn away from mother’s body, she realizes that she is already too ready to have it and no more condition is necessary.  

It’d been in her for 5-6 weeks, but everything proves that she “shouldn’t” have it and everyone with a sane mind knows for sure that she “should” receive abortion.

However, it is not a matter of “should” or “shouldn’t”. She crys, with no tear, because tear is not for “should” thing.

For whatever reasons abortion should or shouldn’t be allowed, only mum’s body has its say.    

Abort and aborted, and mum knows it’ wrong.