No idea how many times I said good-bye to him and it was always not the last one.

No idea why this good-bye is so different from previous, real “good”-byes.

It is really a “bad”-bye.

When it turns to be the thousandth time to say it, I saw a slideshow made by Gabriel Marquez, “A Genius Says Goodbye”. (Sorry, I still failed to upload this slideshow here.)

Then I know I shouldn’t say either good-bye or bad-bye to any person I loved. I should love them, and love their dogs,  since I have only one life to love, and have no time to waste on good-bying or bad-bying anyone.

Unfornately, today another “genius” said good-bye, ex-president of South Korea, Roh Moo-hyun. That cliff he shed his last eyes on before jumping off might look much warmer than this world. But I know whether this world will be beautiful or ugly is all what you make it into.

“Love him, love his dog,” I told myself, without any idea how to.