Mum has come for one month, and I have been free of doing anything but accompany her for two weeks.

We were both enjoying the time shared with each other and tormenting each other with twisted schedules and peculiar habits of our own.

After living alone for years, people could no longer remember how to get along with people. Yes, we are also Americanized, or at least New Yorknized, by losing our Asian ties with people.

Freedom, the treasure of single life, becomes such a doubtful gift. When people are free from each other’s  ties or restriction, they are no longer a member of human society. The first thing they lose is the responsibility they should shoulder for others, which is certainly more burden than joy. And the second thing disappearing from their eyes are others. They can only see themselves.  And the third thing disappearing from their life is the care they still wish to get.

It’s so depressing to see that humanism is weakening and disbelief is spreading even in a family, between lovers, among friends.

Mother suspects that her child uses her as a tool in order to consolidate his social position; boyfriend lies into the cell phone that he is working alone, while holding another girl in his arm in a Manhattan street;  friends? do we have friends? “We are friends only because I am in need, now.”

What happened to this society? What happened to people? 

Feel chilly in this sweating summer day?