Today, the last day of this rainy week, sunlight finally beams out behind the dark clouds, and abruptly heats up the air.

In one’s life, there are always moments of darkness, like Joseph Conrad’s novel “Heart of Darkness”,  an adventure deep into Congo River in Africa, and also deep into people’s humanity, the wilderness of life, good or evil.

Sometimes I feel the existence of unknown darkness harbers so many possibilities, and to explore into its heart for those possibilities seems to be the meaning of life, not the result. The charm of life lies in the journey into the heart of darkness, to meet whatever unexpected. However, in the middle of this journey, we do need some beams dimly sending out some hope. Otherwise, the dead darkness will be more and more depressing.

Thank goodness. This week ends with a sunny dusk. Unexpected delight. It reminds me the same unexpected sunset at Montauk Point two years ago. Yes, the ship of my life will further travel up into the heart of darkness.

Montauk Point