He won award with his “Native Speaker”, but I am reading his “A Gesture Life”.

Thanks to my mum, I have so much leisure time to read novels, which I didn’t have time, or ease, to do and always felt sorry about.

One of the things I have longed to do is to sit relaxingly at Bryant Park, among people who are either sunbathing or idling with friends, reading novels, which I used to like so much.   

For many times, I am wondering whether my choice of linguistics made me into a dull person, and whether I can remain an interesting girl if I stick to my love of literature. At least, I won’t feel so weak in expressing my feelings and describing my stories as these writers did.

In so many cases, I feel that these writers are writing my stories out. It is the very difference between writers and readers that readers always read their own stories written by writers.

Chang-Rae Lee tells a Japanese old man’s life storyin America, which I see almost overlapped with the image of an old professor I am familiar with. How I wish I can write his story!