Today, the third Sunday of June, is Father’s Day.

I hope all fathers got some gifts in whatever way, with or without expectation.

It reminded me of my father, who passed away 8 years ago, and got no gift from any of us.

We might have a poor excuse, saying that in China we don’t have Father’s Day, but it definitely doesn’t make me feel a little better.

Today I helped a young boy to buy a gift for his father, so that I can share their happiness, and, meanwhile, save him from the feeling of my pity.

In USA, when children are getting more and more independent of their parents, their ties with their parents are also getting loose. When they are proud of their successful adulthood, their aging parents are expecting them to extend a little care to them. However,  real stories tell us, many mothers and fathers feel dreadful of the coming of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Maybe I should feel a little lucky that we didn’t have Father’s Day in China in those days, so at least my father didn’t feel disappointed at getting no gift.  But my father had never lack of love and care from his children.