This is the plant of Narcissus.

This is Narcissus in Greek Mythology, the self-admirer of his beauty.

In the various stories he is exceptionally cruel, in that he disdains those who love him. As divine punishment he falls in love with a reflection in a pool, not realizing it was his own, and perishes there, not being able to leave the beauty of his own reflection.

When he was admiring his reflection pool, praising how beautiful he was, he lost the vision of the real self. He disdains everyone, and spurns cruelly those who love him and follow him.

He only loves himself and doesn’t love anyone else.

So to Narcissus, whatever you do for him doesn’t matter much, he will desert you anyway after you have no more use to him. If you can realize it before he deserts you and leave him first, you are lucky to save yourself from heartbreaking.

Narcissus, a self-admirer, is exceptionally cruel to others. Narcissus exists everywhere, of course in your life, too. When you find one, remember don’t fall in love with him and don’t do anything for him, since he won’t appreciate and cherish you as well as your doings.

Narcissus loves nobody but himself, and the result is that he was punished for it by plunging himself into the pool to embrace his reflection. That means even when he dies, he hasn’t realized that it’s self-admiration that perishes him. So don’t even try to enlighten Narcissus around you, because it’s just impossible.