I took my mum to Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls

10 hours driving one way, we went for two days. Though I know the trip might be too much to my mum, we still decided to go.

Because it’s Niagara Falls. Not only because it’s such a natural wonder in the world, but also because in Korean, it sounds just like “나이야, 가라”, which means, “old age, go away”. I want my mum’s age go away.

I cannot forget the piercing pain in my heart at the first sight of her at JFK, two months ago. She aged so much in three years when I was absent from her.

I shouted at the falling water of the falls, “let my mum’s age go away 40 years”. Of course, I didn’t forget me, either, “let my age go away 30 years”. 🙂

Whoever hears it, please do something to my mum, and let her young again.