The views of this 3-hour movie still keep pounding my eyeballs and make my temples aching. The reason is I was sitting at the third row, too close to the screen.

Whatever will happen, one thing I am sure won’t happen is I definitely wouldn’t onboard that huge Noah’s Ark, since I am neither “somebody”, nor one with 1 billion Euros and I didn’t see many Chinese faces, either, though it is made in China.

Therefore, I made a decision, to make every day count before that doomed day, because I find I won’t lose anything by treasuring each day. And when doomed day comes, I am 40 years old. It means I spend 2/3 of my planned lifetime. It’s enough.

I don’t care whether the end of the world comes or not, as long as I will die in a split second, no torment, no pain, no sorrow. Just enjoy the grand scene out of the enormous natural power, as that Charlie did on the top of Yellowstone Mountain.

December 21, 2012, I am waiting for you while spending each day to my heart’s contents.

I enjoyed watching that movie.