Life goes by quickly without giving us time to straight out some of the feelings. Then those feelings will slip away forever.

That’s why it’s better to write down any feelings, even when you haven’t realized what feeling that really is.

Right now I got a feeling, the moment finally comes and I should and can let it go now.

Annoyance is the only thing I can feel, regardless of the real intention, kind or evil.

It’s never been so disturbing, to my patience. And I am definitely sure that it becomes more and more unbearable.

“Come back, please!”. Is that what you expected from me to gather your pride back?

PLEASE. I’d rather let you go, however far you want. And stay there, alone.

You? Leave me alone, too.

Life is really, really hard to say. What I can do is only write down the feelings I’ve got from life, without understanding what and why. Then follow its flow, when I cannot control it.