This is the 10th tendency Terry Qian, a Chinese freelance educator and a real educational practitioner and activist, predicted about the future global education, that is, the world won’t become more unfair because of education, though it might be more what he wishes for than what it will really be.

The real fair education is not all people receive the same educational opportunities and resources, nor is to make the most deficit one to receive the most. The real fair education is the liberation of education, that is to use our science and technology to tear down the barriers made of class and certificates which restrict the students’ imagination, and to let them know that there are better ways than the scores to show their talent and diligence and there are more efficient and cheaper ways to learn than going to college.

Meanwhile, the parents should open their eyes to locate and appreciate the individuality and specialty of their children instead of constantly putting them under the pressure of comparing and contrasting in the name of love but with the cost of their childhood and the physical and psychological health, without realizing that that competition field is soon to be deserted in the new age.