The Taiwanese Band “MayDay” (1997. 3. 29 Debut — 2020. 3. 29)

Date of release Title Label
7 July 1999, first album Mayday’s First Album
Rock Records
7 July 2000, 2nd album Viva Love
Rock Records
5 July 2001, 3rd album People Life, Ocean Wild
Rock Records
11 November 2003, 4th album Time Machine
Rock Records
5 November 2004, 5th album God’s Children Are All Dancing
Rock Records
26 August 2005 Just My Pride Best Of Album
知足 最真傑作選
Rock Records
29 December 2006, 6th album Born to Love
B’in Music / Rock Records
23 October 2008, 7th album Poetry of the Day After
B’in Music / Universal Music Taiwan
16 December 2011, 8th album The Second Round
B’in Music / Universal Music Taiwan
13 November 2013 Mayday×五月天 the Best of 1999‐2013 A-Sketch
30 December 2013 The Best of 1999-2013
步步 自選作品輯<sup id="cite_ref-autogenerated[28]
B’in Music / Rock Records
21 July 2016, 9th album History of Tomorrow
B’in Music / Universal Music Taiwan

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The following is an introduction to Mayday at Live Nation Entertainment, when they were having their (life) North American Tour in 2017, their 20the anniversary. (

Mayday is a Taiwanese rock band that was formed in the late 1990s with five members, Ashin (lead vocals), Monster (Guai Shou) (guitar), Stone (Shi Tou) (guitar), Masa (Ma-sha) (bass guitar) and Ming (Guan-You) (drums). Dubbed “Kings of the Rock Concert” by Asian media and “The Chinese Beatles” by The Washington Post, Mayday have released 9 albums to date, sold over 21 million concert tickets, won over 200 awards across the globe, including “Best Album” for their 2011 album Second Life and “Best Band” an unprecedented four times at the Golden Melody Awards (the Chinese Grammy’s) in 2001, 2004, 2009, 2012. To date, their 9th album “THE HISTORY OF TOMORROW” has sold over 200 million copies worldwide. In 2017, Mayday was once again nominated for 7 awards at the Golden Melody Awards, including “Best Band”, “Best Composer”, and “Song Of The Year”.

Mayday is also the only act in history to have performed 6 sold-out shows at the Beijing Bird’s Nest – a total of 600,000 tickets sold.

Mayday, together with the Beatles, is my favorite band, and to my delight, Mayday never ceased to express their admiration of the Beatles and admitted its influences as their ideals of rock music. In their fifth album there is a track called John Lennon where the band espouses its dreams to become the “Beatles of the Chinese World”.

To further prove their love and respect to the Beatles, they even announced that they would only release 10 studio albums, in order not to exceed the Beatles who made 11 studio albums. It means, with 9 albums already out, their fans would have only one more album to expect.

img_0882      img_0887

The Beatles’ Albums, 1963-1970, (from The Beatles Bible

If counting Magical Mystery Tour (1967) and Yellow Submarine (1969), it is totally 13.


(A tea towel I bought from The Beatles Story museum, Liverpool, England, in 2011)