17 years earlier, when April Fool’s day came with a news about Leslie Cheung’s suicidal jump from 24th floor of Oriental Mandarin Hotel, everyone was hoping it was just a joke on April Fools. Once his death was proved to be true, that heartbreaking feeling totally took away his fans’ temptation to play any joke any more on April 1.

Leslie Cheung (Sept .12, 1956–April 1, 2003) was a famous HongKong singer and actor who kept his naughty, pure, childlike smile all the time on his face from his debut in 1977 until the final public image he showed at his 46 when he was suffering from depression and had been questioned about for his homosexual orientation after he came out a few years before with his long-term partner.

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How much have we sighed over his short but glamorous life, which was entwined so tightly with his shows that he is often said to have had “life as show, and show as life.”

Leslie Cheung might be one of the few stars whose fans are growing every year even after he left the world. This is an image which will be engraved in our mind, as fresh as any time.