(from Radio.com, https://1077theend.radio.com/blogs/gregr/seattle-teen-builds-a-leading-source-of-covid-19-data)

Seattle Teen Builds a Leading Source of COVID-19 Data

A Mercer Island kid coded a website (ncov2019.live) that’s keeping the world up to date on the data behind COVID-19 aka the coronavirus. According to GeekWire.com, Avi Schiffmann started tracking the data and building the site back in January and as the media gets more and more sensational, people are relying on the information he’s providing to the tune of 2 million visitors to his site to date.

His site updates every 10 minutes and keeps us up to date on total confirmed cases, cases confirmed outside China, total deaths, total recoveries, and the number of countries affected/infected by COVID-19.

Imagine going to school all day just to come home and read the hundreds of emails to your site because you’re the reliable source for coronavirus info without the spin of some giant media corporation trying to scare you into their own ratings. I was busy practicing Nirvana songs on my guitar and wondering how I would skip college; this kid is helping fight back the evil…