It’s so meaningful to watch the musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda (inspired by Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton) on July 4th. Meanwhile, while reading other related articles about the facts and myths mentioned in the musical, esp. about Hamilton’s I also found more expanding connections with the book I was reading Ties That Bound Founding First ladies and Slaves by Marie Jenkins Schwartz.

“All the Facts — & Myths — You Need to Know Before Watching Hamilton” by Sarah Midkiff.

“Aaron Burr — Villain of Hamilton — had a secret family of color, new research shows” by Hannah Natanson on The Washington Post.

“The True Story Behind the Schulyer Sisters in Hamilton on Bazzar.

and more …

It’s so interesting to have these stories all chained together for a fuller picture. Reading excites you through opening up one after another door to a fascinating scenery.