Now 9.11 just passed. It turned into 9.12. After 7 years, that day is gradually getting to be just another day.

However, in 2001, the world was completely turned over and the world of September 10 disappeared forever. From then on, the day 9.11 becomes the day of tears. I could hardly bear the scene of memorial each year. The long name list of over 3,000 dead people would be read for hours. It is unimaginable how long it would take to read the names of Chinese victims in Nanjing massacre, 300,000 is a hundred more times. It might need days to read, if the victims fortunately left their names to us.

As the article “Long Overdue” says, “every violent act sets us back, sets us back.” War, terrorism, holocaust, massacre, in human history, they occurred repeatedly and still happens. What these violent act can bring to us is just more hatred to each other and more conflicts.

Then what do we wish to do through memorial ceremony? Is it for people to remember to those who died in 9.11, or to forget hatred? If it is for the second purpose, isn’t it better to make 9.11 just another day?