Can you imagine this is the name of a restaurant, located at 17 Barrow St. (between 6th/7th Ave and south of Washington Place)?

Actually, the name came from a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s pome “Paul Revere’s Ride”.

The reason for me to go to that restaurant is a story of Aaron Burr, the third vice president of USA. It is said that his ghost often haunts this restaurant, which used to his carriage house.

Aaron Burr is more famous for his duel with Alexander Hamilton on July 11, 1804, and killed him. In those days the duel was forbidden and the killing was taken as a crime. Though he was acquitted later, he left his vice presidency at the end of his term and headed for US west.

In the restaurant, the guns (the originals were in Smithsonian) were displayed in a glass-doored closet, along with Aaron Burr’s picture. And a few pictures of Aaron Burr were on the wall. The restaurant only serves dinner from 5:30, except a brunch on Sundays. There is also a bartender, called Michael.